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Ensuring client data is protected and available to the business, in-line with business requirements and SLAs.


Hardware Failure, Site Disaster, Malicious Acts, Malware/Ransomware or plain old Human Error.

The range of threats and risks to IT systems is ever present, and in some areas ever increasing.

The solutions and services provided under PrimeProtect, help our clients…

Most organisations are somewhere on a journey to the cloud, using a mix of on-site systems, SaaS and private or public cloud. Backup needs to align with a hybrid cloud strategy, supporting the protection of systems and data, wherever they’re located. The best data protection systems also support cross-platform recovery of data to any location, providing flexibility in restore and a useful tool to help with data migration.

Disaster Recovery
When it comes to DR, the days of mobile data centres and recovery from tape are long gone. Improvements in cost-effective cross-site links and software defined data protection, enable recovery SLA’s that wouldn’t have been possible years ago. Disaster Recovery is about minimising downtime, to maximise business productivity; and protecting at a frequency that reduces or avoids data loss. Whether on-site or in the cloud, Disaster Recovery needs to be fast and effective. A multi-layered approach is useful and cost-effective but shouldn’t come at the cost of complexity and high management overheads. The simplest DR solutions are sometimes the most effective.

Microsoft O365/M365 has become the leading platform for email, messaging and collaboration. Infrastructure and service resilience are key features but Microsoft operates a shared responsibility model, with the client taking care of data resilience and data protection. Recycle bins and versioning provide limited recovery capability, so many organisations implement 3rd party solutions to backup Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and Teams. Using a 3rd party solution or service also provides extra resilience, with data held outside the Microsoft Cloud and in some cases the ability to send and receive emails, even if the O365 service is down.

Data protection also has an important role to play in the fight against malware/ransomware. PrimeSys provides a range of solutions and services under PrimeSecure, to secure production systems, to monitor and protect, both at the gateway and within the network. We still believe in preparing for the worst though. So what if a breach happens? Backup is potentially the last line of defence against ransomware but this is only effective if the backup data hasn’t been corrupted or encrypted. An extra air-gapped or immutable backup copy, can be an invaluable part of any security and backup strategy.

The PrimeProtect portfolio includes:

Backup & Recovery, High Availability, Continuous Data Protection, Replication, Failover/Failback, Data Deduplication, Immutable Storage, Air-Gapped Backup, Support for On-Site & Cloud Sources, Support for On-Site and Cloud Targets, Support for Microsoft Office 365/M365 (Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online & Teams), Support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and private cloud, Disaster Recovery, Archiving.


Ensuring client data is protected and available to the business, in-line with business requirements and SLAs.

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Compute and storage with the required levels of performance and resilience, ensuring business applications run smoothly and efficiently.

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Flexible solutions to connect users, systems and sites, in the most secure, efficient and cost-effective way.

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Secure and protect critical systems and data, via a multi-layered approach that identifies and remediates potential vulnerabilities.

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