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Scale Computing

Scale Computing has been developing and supplying Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions since 2012, covering the edge of the network to the data centre core.

With global HQ and R&D located in the US, Scale Computing has over 20,000 systems deployed, in 30+ countries around the world.

Scale Computing HCI

Scale Computing has developed its own HCI software platform (with 24 patents in place), based on an integrated hypervisor.

This means there is no need for a Virtual Storage Appliance or Virtual SAN, resulting in much lower use of hardware resources and more VMs per host than competing HCI solutions. This has helped to make Scale Computing of the most efficient and cost-effective HCI solutions on the market.

Consistently gaining positive reviews on independent platforms such as Gartner Peer Insights, Scale Computing provides the highest standards of after-sales service and support, with an independent Net Promoter Score of +91 (on a scale of -100 to +100).

Key Features

Simplicity – An all-in-one software and hardware solution, with unified management and a single point of support. Initially developed for environments without local IT resource, Scale Computing systems are incredibly easy to install and manage, typically taking <1 hour to deploy,

Availability – Scale Computing clusters are built to be highly resilient, with a self-healing system that manages potential or actual failures, avoiding downtime, with minimal overhead for IT staff. Efficient snapshot and replication provide roll-back, restore and off-site recovery.

Scalability – As their name suggests, Scale Computing systems are designed with scalability in mind – from a single remote/branch office node, to a data centre cluster with hundreds of TB’s of storage. A scale-out model means resources and capacity can easily be added, without downtime or disruption. Different models can be mixed and matched in a cluster, making the solution incredibly flexible.

Affordability – Scale Computing’s solution has been designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional hardware manufacturers, virtualisation companies, and other HCI vendors. A simple licensing model is easy to understand and avoids hidden costs. Along with modular and flexible ways to grow, this makes the cost of owning Scale Computing transparent and low.

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