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Ensuring client data is protected and available to the business, in-line with business requirements and SLAs.

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Compute and storage with the required levels of performance and resilience, ensuring business applications run smoothly and efficiently.

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Flexible solutions to connect users, systems and sites, in the most secure, efficient and cost-effective way.

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Secure and protect critical systems and data, via a multi-layered approach that identifies and remediates potential vulnerabilities.

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PrimeSys is an experienced supplier of IT solutions and services.

Our consultative approach and a multi-vendor portfolio enables us to provide truly independent advice and solutions that align perfectly with our client’s individual needs.

Solutions and services are available at the customer’s site or in the cloud; supported or fully-managed; purchased via capex or opex; based on committed expenditure or pay-as-you-consume – providing maximum flexibility for our clients.

Our portfolio of technologies and services spans four key solution areas, combining the best technical and commercial benefits of on-site systems, cloud and managed services.

35 years of industry experience enables us to embrace the latest innovations, while taking a balanced and realistic view. We help our clients cut through the marketing noise, to identify effective solutions that deliver what they promise.